Medical Expenses Insurance

The Medical Insurance Department at the Islamic Insurance Company is managed by a highly qualified team of Doctors, Pharmacists , laboratory technicians and nurses of 25 employee .

Our medical team are performing their distinguished services from the Company Offices 24 hours , Seven days a week through hot line services and the availability of a medical net work of providers spread all around Jordan .

Types of Medical Insurance:

  1. Group Medical Insurance: is the Insurance policy issued in the name of the legal entity wheather it is a Company or governmental sector and all the employees of these institutions and / or their dependents are Insured . The entity is to pay the due insurance premium for all the employees who are working full time at the institution and should not be less than (10) employees .
    Group Medical Insurance is divided into two sections:
    1. Individual Medical Insurance inside / outside the hospital .
    2. Individual Medical Insurance inside the hospital only .
  2. Individual Medical Insurance: is the Insurance policy issued by the name of the individual and his and his dependent, the individual to pay the premium on his and all the dependent behalf .
    Individual Medical Insurance is divided into two sections:
    1. Individual Medical Insurance inside / outside the hospital .
    2. Individual Medical Insurance inside the hospital only .

Medical Insurance programs:

  1. Golden Program.
  2. Shefa'a ( 1 ) program - First Class.
  3. Shefa'a ( 2 ) program - Second Class.
  4. Shefa'a ( 3 ) Program - Third Class.
  5. Aman Program - for individual / Family.

Privileges of Medical Insurance Programs:

  1. A wide, distinguished Medical Network ( Doctors, Hospitals, Pharmacies, labs & X - Ray Centers, etc …) with a total of around (2000 ) Medical provider , spread all over Jordan .
  2. Hotline service telephone No. is ( 06/ 566 1300) 24 hours 7 days a week .
  3. Special services , periodic visits to the customers during the contract period .
  4. Service center 7 Days a week, 24 hour provided by experts of Medical staff .
  5. Doctors at The Islamic Insurance Company are always ready to give the required medical consultation to all the members .
  6. Quick and efficient settlement of medical reimbursement claims .
  7. Settlement of medical network claims within a period less than ( 30 ) days from the date of receiving the Claims .

Privileges of the Coverage for treatment inside the hospital
This Coverage is applying on all the medical expenses that someone might need during the treatment at hospital, these expenses are as follow:

  1. Accommodation at the hospital according to the grade and the chosen program .
  2. Intensive Care Unit and treatment of coronary artery disease treatment
  3. Fees of the surgeon and anesthesiologist .
  4. Services provided by hospital operating room, surgery , laboratory, testing , drugs , and radiation treatment , etc …..
  5. Using the Hospital Medical Equipment such as systems to support heart and lungs , etc …..
  6. Injections and Intravenous means , etc ……
  7. Laboratory Tests and diagnostic X - Ray Tomography ECG, etc ….. ( related to the main reason of admission to hospital ) .
  8. Doctor visits related to the main cause of admission to hospital .
  9. Private nursing care , if medically necessary .
  10. Delivery .
  11. Ambulance services in the event of being medically necessary .
  12. Companion expenses for insured below 13 Years old .

The Cost of the autopsy in the case of the death after being admitted to the hospital due to illness or bodily injury not excluded by policy .

Privileges of Coverage for treatment outside the hospital:

This Coverage is optional and include the following:

  1. Physician Consultation .
  2. Diagnostic tests which includes:
    X - rays , laboratory , magnetic resonance imaging MRI , CT scan, intravenous and / or muscle injection by a doctor for the purposes of treatment , all kinds of endoscopes if requested only as a diagnostic measure. It also includes any other tests performed for diagnostic purposes .
  3. Medicines include: Pharmacological treatment prescribed medications recognized and registered by the authorities as medical treatment / Medicine .
  4. Physical therapy .