The Islamic Insurance Company The best Islamic Insurance Company 2012


The Islamic Insurance Company has received the award of the Best Islamic Insurance Company in the Levant and Africa for the year 2012 during the 6th International Takaful Summit held in London during the period from  11th - 12th July 2012 by Afar and Istishar for Banking and financial services/ London.

The Award ceremony was under the patronage of his Excellency Parliament member lord Sheikh Mohammad and the presence of various keynote figures, and International Insurance and Reinsurance Commissions.

Mr. Ahmed Sabbagh General Manager of The Islamic Insurance Company has expressed his proud of receiving this award in consideration of the great efforts spent by the Company to spread the Islamic Insurance principles in the Arabic and International levels and according to the distinguished results on the Company which has proven an outstanding capabilities and strength to apply Islamic Insurance System and produce an important vital role to services the National Economy and the services sector to generate many various Insurance services to the community and according to Islamic Sharia'h Principles Mr. Sabbagh has confirmed that receiving this award is part of many accomplishments which has been added to The Islamic Insurance Company records Established in 1996 as the 1st Islamic Insurance Company and being the pioneer of Islamic Insurance during the past sixteen years.