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In the name of God Most Merciful Most Graceful


It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the Islamic Insurance Company website.

The Islamic Insurance Company is the first Takaful company in Jordan, since establishment in 1996, it has been one of the leading general & life insurer in the market.

The Islamic Insurance Company practices the legitimate cooperative Insurance which complies with the Islamic Share'ah laws. The main purpose of establishing the Islamic Insurance Company was to complete the Islamic economic circle in the first place and also to enhance the national economy. In addition to an important factor; which is meeting the needs of large segment of the society who were hesitant to insure with traditional insurance companies since it was considered to be against Share'ah laws.

The Company's Achievements:

For the past years the company had remarkable achievements and contributed in presenting the company as the only Takaful company that practiced its activities on the basis of religiously permitted cooperative insurance (according to the cooperative Insurance principals recognized by Fiqh Jurisprudence Bodies).

The Islamic Insurance Company arranged a seminar on 21/06/1418 hijri, 23rd of October 1997, entitled "Islamic Insurance Seminar" with participation of number of Muslim scholars, businessmen, economists and experts in commercial insurance, six working papers were discussed in the seminar, about the needs of economic and social insurance, illegitimate rules for the traditional insurance  and the relation between policyholders, shareholders and about the role of legitimate bodies in the Islamic insurance system and the practical aspects and samples of Islamic insurance and reinsurance contract.


The Islamic Insurance Company published a book in 1998, authored by me and entitled "Islamic Insurance Concept; Cooperation and Takaful" which reflects the idea of Islamic Cooperative Insurance and its mechanisms. And then The Islamic Insurance Company published many books that explained the Islamic Insurance and reinsurance in both Arabic and English. I also participated in authoring a chapter of a book in English that was published in London 2007, this book talked about cooperative insurance, which is being taught now in 37 universities worldwide. In addition to more than 50 lectures were presented by me worldwide on Takaful Insurance.

The Islamic Insurance Company held many training courses to raise the awareness of insurance and identify Cooperative Insurance adopted by the company. It also presented seminars and lectures to universities, institutes and schools on the internal level, as well in conferences outside Jordan about Islamic insurance by explaining the reality of Cooperative Islamic Insurance and clarifying its mechanisms.


The Islamic Insurance Company of Jordan has received many Executives from Islamic insurance companies performing outside Jordan to discuss and benefit from our experience so we could assist them in tailoring their policies based on our proficient and efficient regulations which will enable them to develop the Islamic cooperative Insurance concept and share'ah fundamentals in their companies.

We have participated in establishing : Islamic Insurance Company in Yemen, Al-Aman Takaful Insurance Company (A.T.I) in the Lebanese Republic, Saudi Reinsurance Company (Saudi Re), in Riyadh/Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and At-Takafulia  Assurances   in Tunis.

Eventually, I am proud to say that The Islamic Insurance Company is a success story that would not be possible without the contribution of our loyal customers and dedicated employees who have shared our incredible journey thus far. We look forward to continuing to serve our customers needs as well as the company's shareholders interests. We appreciate the ongoing support received and pledge to continue in our efforts to exceed expectations.

Thank you for taking the time to visit The Islamic Insurance Company website and I wholeheartedly welcome any constructive feedback you may have.



Ahmed M. Sabbagh

Director – General Manager

The Islamic Insurance Company


Deputy Chairman

The International Federation of Takaful and Islamic Insurance Companies "IFTI"





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